• Srishti Tehri

Nothing; Day 4

Days passed by. Days are passing by. Days, will keep passing by.

I’ve realised how you never get used to the pace of time. We question it often, sometimes, in disbelief, the other times, in amazement. Everyday, my better half asks me the same question. “What did you do today?”, he asks. And, everyday, does he get get the same answer. “Nothing. Nothing, really”, I reply. On some days, I have thoughts that are incomprehensible even to me and on other days, I don’t feel the need to think. I feel lost in the nothingness of my day. It’s night by the time I acknowledge I have a new day to live. It’s not a waste of time, no. Time’s never wasted. It’s us who do. “We trust that time is linear. That it proceeds eternally, uniformly. Into infinity. But the distinction between past, present and future is nothing but an illusion. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not consecutive, they are connected in a never-ending circle. Everything is connected.”

That’s what happens when you binge watch a TV Show called Dark on Netflix.

And, that’s precisely it for Day 4. ;)




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