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Jugaad, and it's only Day 2

Hmm, how was my day? How was my day? How was my day? It was pretty fine actually. I woke up at brunch, had my coffee, tried to poop, and made myself a nice smoothie. If there’s one thing I’ve gotten good at, is significantly understanding flavours that could go together in smoothies. And, I don’t use milk. Today, I peeled off two yummy bananas, put them in a bowl, topped them up with watermelon, chia, flax and sunflower seeds. That wasn’t it. I was very generous with the granola, crushed some walnuts, chopped five cashews, deseeded a handful of cherries and added some water. I, then put the bowl in the freezer for a good half and hour. And before I blended that goodness, I added two pinches of cinnamon powder. Ah, cinnamon. It has happily replaced my sugar intake. Anyway, this smoothie made my day. It was delicious and I know I’d make more. In case you were wondering, that I actually open a bag of all those kinds of seeds I mentioned and put in the effort to top my smoothies up with them, individually, you’re wrong. Nope. I mixed them all up in a mixture that sits in a big box in one of the kitchen shelves. Jugaad. Something I’ve always been. Something that probably doesn’t have a word for, in English. Oh wait, just googled. It’s now been enlisted as a word in the english dictionary. Damn, Jugaad. You really are very jugaadu. Google says its origin is Indian and it broadly refers to a flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way. Mmm, sound familiar? This is all that we are doing right now. Trying to adjust to this world that seems rather different, trying to do things that make us feel better. Trying to make the best of what we can, while Corona is hunting down a fraction of the world’s Homo sapiens. I don’t think I’m making a big deal about the changes that this year has seen. In fact, I think I’m making an absolutely appropriate deal about it all. The shift in this energy that felt so individualistic has now found its harmony. Not just for me, but for everybody. It’s a state we don’t understand or were ever told about. Hustle. Hustle. Hustle. And, the newly found wokeness made us comfortable with all sorts of by-products of instant gratification. Too fast, too slow. Too much, too less. Hustle. Hustle. Hustle. Don’t talk balance. Don’t talk about alignment. Just go straight towards the goal and see nowhere else. Sigh. Did you read that fast too? Anyhow, circumstances change and so do habits. So, I sat all day in front of my laptop today and learnt the basics of trading cryptocurrency. Me? Yeah, me. It’s unbelievable but it’s so true. After one point, you need no videos, you need no guidance. It’s like you’re finally able to navigate in a new city without using Google Maps, because you recognise the ways. The different patterns of trading though, let’s call them the shortcuts in the city map, will take a little time to get used to. I’m not saying I get confused between when to take a right or when to take a left. Because I do know that both directions will lead me to street food vendor, in my fairytale reality. However, when you’re doing it on the screen, there are not many rewards in the form of cheap food. There’s mostly a lot of numbers, graphs of green a red, and smart negotiation. It was so fun. I also started watching this movie called ‘What are the Odds?’ on Netflix but it was a little too slow for me so I got back to trading. Meanwhile, my sweetheart has been watching the show ‘Dark’ and he’s been really obsessed. He says it’s almost a trip. No, not in the travel trip way but the mental journey sorts. Long distance sucks. But, we’re doing quite okay, actually. This relationship of mine feels very adult-ish and makes me very happy. Anyway, my cat scratched me thrice today. I had mushroom and capsicum cheese sandwiches for dinner. The water was too hot all day to take a shower. It’s 40 degree celsius; don’t judge. And, now, I’m craving cheesy fries. Well, I better sleep before this abnormal potato craving that I’ve been having for a few days, takes over me. Yet again. I literally just had cheesy fries last night. Huh, guess I’ll just have a Hajmola. Yet another jugaad. Good night, then. Bye, Srishti

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